Business Lines

Call Charges & Line Rental

When it comes to your call charges, the price is clearly important. However, the right solution is not just about being 1p cheaper per minute.
We will invest time getting to know what your business needs. We’ll then use our expertise and experience to ensure that you have the most competitive call tariff in place.

Line rentals are a big part of the service we provide; whether that’s taking over an existing line or installing a new one.

The first step is a conversation. Whether you’re looking at a single phone line or multiple ISDN30 connections, we’ll talk you about what your business needs and recommend the solution that will work best for you.

It takes ten working days to transfer your lines and calls to us; the lines stay on the BT Openreach network and we ensure there is no disruption in service.

As well as supporting you and providing the correct solutions for your business, we understand that service is vital, therefore, we have a dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced customer care team on hand to support all our customers.

Long contracts are not our style. We don’t believe in making our customers sign up to a 24 or even 12-month contract if they want a great deal on call charges.
Our standard contract term for business calls is only 30 days.

That’s because we’re confident in our pricing and service levels: we’ll never try to make you stay with us. Instead, we’ll work hard so that you will WANT to stay.

If you’d like to find out if we can bring your charges down, without tying you into a long contract, please call us on 0333 2020 900