Telephone systems

Telephone systems

We know the world of telephone systems can be confusing.  There’s a plethora of manufacturers and a legion of jargon that seems to have been deliberately designed to confuse us all.  But don’t worry – Elite Telecom is here to help.

Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t tie ourselves to one phone system provider and a couple of solutions.  Yes, of course, we have our preferred systems, but these are based on our experiences with particular equipment or solution rather than us being tied into a particular manufacturer.  For each new job, we consider what the customer wants to achieve and then look at all the options available.  We promise that that we’ll only ever recommend a solution that meets your business  needs; not ours!

We offer solutions from the telecoms industry’s leading manufacturers including NEC, 3cx and Panasonic to name but a few.  In addition, we also supply our own hosted solution, YourUCP.

It’s the choice we have available, coupled with our experience and expertise, that makes us so confident that we’ll find the ideal solution for your business right now.  But more than that, the solution we deliver will grow and adapt with your business.  Our aim is to be with you for the long-haul: if you share your plans with us we’ll be able to deliver a telephone system that is future-proof.

Whether you need phones for two people in one office, 100 staff over multiple sites or a call-centre of 300:  we will manage your system change over and all work will be carried out by our own team of engineers.

We could tell you about the hundreds of clever features available on today's telephone systems. But because each business will usually only use around ten features this won't be very helpful.

Instead, why not talk to us about your business, your telecoms challenges and your objectives for the future? We will then provide you with a system that provides the features you really need, rather than a raft of unnecessary extras.

You may be perfectly happy with your current system but wondering what would happen if it failed for any reason.

Elite Telecom can also provide a maintenance agreement to manage your current equipment; a service many of our customers have found helpful.  We can support the vast majority of systems including NEC, Panasonic, BCM and Versatility.  We will never try and sell you a new solution if it is not needed. As an open and honest business, that's simply not how we work.

If you're thinking about updating your phone system or would like the reassurance of a responsive and good value maintenance plan, please get in touch.