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Disaster Recovery

Things go wrong from time to time. Have you thought about what would happen to your business if the worst should happen?

• Your main call centre floods and your staff can’t get to their desks
• You lose your broadband connection – you have tax returns to upload and its deadline day
• You’ve spent £50k on an advertising campaign and your main line goes down on launch day

We don’t shy away from talking about the worst case scenario. We make sure there’s always a contingency plan to keep your business functioning come rain, shine or a leaf on the track!

We have a variety of products that enable you to protect your business from every kind of disaster. We believe that every organisation, whatever its size, needs to consider how it would deal with a telecoms crisis.

Every disaster recovery plan we prepare suits the individual needs and priorities of the organisation concerned. Our job is to make sure that you can do your job without interruption.


If your office was flooded or damaged by fire would your phones be working again in a matter of hours? If the answer’s no talk to us today.

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