About Us

After several years working for one of the largest telecommunications suppliers in the UK Karl Alderton became frustrated by the service that clients had to accept.

He originally launched Comms Consulting Limited to help SMEs make informed decisions about everything to do with phone systems, broadband and mobile communications; as well as wider issues surrounding effective telecoms, such as disaster recovery and issues resolution.

However Karl struggled to find suppliers who shared his attitude to customer care. He decided the only way to ensure the bespoke solutions he recommended would come to fruition in a cost effective, professional and timely manner was to deliver them himself. That’s when Comms Supply was born.

At Comms Supply we believe in listening more than we speak. That’s how we get to know what telecoms challenges our clients are facing and can recommend solutions that really work. We’re not tied to particular suppliers so our advice is impartial and every product or service we sell is appropriate for the job in hand.

We aim to build long-lasting relationships with our customers; providing support that helps their businesses to grow. Our knowledgeable, friendly and dedicated team are committed to providing customer service at the highest possible level.

If there’s a problem we’ll do our utmost to resolve it quickly, keeping you posted every step of the way and providing interim solutions to minimise any negative impact on your business.
It’s all about open and honest communications.