Our Network Partners

Our Network Partners

As with any telecoms service provider, our partnerships with network providers, software companies and Hardware Vendors are critical to the services we provide to our customers and partners.  


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Vodafone need no introduction, Vodafone have been a key partner of ours for a number of years, we now have multiple interconnects between our network and theirs, allowing us to benefit from the Vodafone reach across the UK. 




TalkTalk Business benefit from having one of the largest footprints across the UK Exchanges, by utilising this network, it allows us to service customers across the whole of the UK. We have worked with TalkTalk for a number of years and we also have an interconnect between their network and ours. 




We started working with Gamma in 2014 and have built a very good relationship between the two companies. Gamma have been the leading carrier grade SIP provider for a number of years. We utilise this within our network and route around 20% of our minutes over their network.