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YourUCP - Cloud based PBX

Hosted telephone solutions are often described as ‘the cloud’. In real terms, a hosted telephone solution is when someone else hosts the equipment that you need rather than you having to make space for it in your own building. At Elite Telecom, we own and run our own Hosted TelephoneSolution called YourUCP. 

YourUCP (Your Unified Communications Platform) provides businesses with Unified Communications across their business. YourUCP offers all the features of a traditional telephone system/PBX as you would expect, but offers enhanced features allowing your business to communicate effectively and efficiently, with your customers and suppliers. 

All businesses are needing to provide enhanced customer service as well as providing flexibility for staff, for example, remote working. YourUCP enables businesses to provide both of these.

YourUCP acts a single customer interface for all phone calls, no matter how many locations your staff are working in, this could be at home, office or on their mobile. YourUCP can deliver calls to wherever your staff are, your staff can even have the flexibility of changing the device they receive calls on using MyUCP. 

YourUCP is 100% owned and managed by Elite Telecom, backed up by using the software of one of the leading software companies in Europe, ensuring our solution is robust and feature rich at the same time. 

There are so many features available we have created some dedicated pages to show what the solution can provide your business. Hover, over the Hosted Telephone Solution tab to review the features that your business could benefit from.  

There are many cloud-based telephone systems/PBXs in the marketplace, but we believe we have developed a solution that provides excellent features at sensible prices. Not only do we believe we have sensible prices, we are extremely proud of our service 'up time' which is over 99.999%.

If you are looking for a new telephone system, then we would love to hear from you. We will spend time understanding your business and provide a solution that will fit your needs.   


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