YourUCP - How does it work?

YourUCP - How does it work?

In the most simple terms, we have invested in the technology to allow every size of business to benefit from the latest technology, which previously would have only been available to blue chip companies. 

YourUCP is hosted within our network which is monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year using one of the highest spec monitoring solutions on the market, PRGT. There are many Hosted Solutions out there, and we know many have had issues, therefore, key for us was how do we ensure it is as robust as physically possible. Many companies have failover built into their offering and we are no different, but we don't want it to have to failover, therefore proactive monitoring is one of the highest priorities for us. 

So, that is all nice, but how does it work for your business?

YourUCP acts a single customer interface for all phone calls, no matter how many locations your staff are working in, this could be at home, office or on their mobile. YourUCP can deliver calls to wherever your staff are, your staff can even have the flexibility of changing the device they receive calls on using MyUCP. 

If you have access to the internet, then your staff can communicate with each other and your customers, getting away from having to be stuck to the desk. Businesses are increasingly needing to offer staff flexible working options and customers are expecting businesses to be contactable at all hours (well within reason). YourUCP gives your business the ability to do this. 

One of the main benefits of using YourUCP is that you are future proofing your business, there will not be a need to change the system in 5-7 years as you would on a traditional system, if we upgrade the solution you get the upgrade. We are constantly developing the product and, therefore, you will have the latest technology at all times. 

YourUCP is priced on a low monthly rental per user within the company. 

Could your business benefit from using YourUCP? Why not give us a call to discuss if YourUCP is for you? Call us on 0333 2020 900