YourUCP Advanced Features

YourUCP - Advanced Features

YourUCP is a future proof hosted solution, providing many enhanced features. While many businesses still only utilise the traditional features many have come to known on telephone systems, there are some advanced features that can support your business at low monthly costs. These include;

  • Call Queuing

If you company does not need call centre type solutions but receives lots of incoming calls, YourUCP has a built in call queuing feature. This allows you to queue your customers providing them with a marketing message or an option to leave a voicemail. We believe using call queuing offers a better customer service experience for you customer as opposed to hearing an engaged tone or constant ringing. 

  • Remote Terminals

Remote Terminals gives users the ability to combine their extension with their mobile phone, which in itself is a standard feature, though using remote terminals means users can benefit from One MailBox and seamless transfer of calls between their desk phone and mobile, that feature is great if you suddenly need to leave the office while on a call. 

  • One MailBox

Many people are used to giving out their mobile number and their DDI, with One MailBox you can give out your DDI and by using Remote Terminals the call is delivered to both your mobile and desk phone, the system then recognises if the call gets to your mobile voicemail, it will deliver the call to your One Mailbox rather than your mobile voicemail. This means your staff can have one business voicemail which can be delivered via email, and no need to provide customers with their mobile number. 

  • Hot Desking

Many businesses do not have staff tied to a single desk, with Hot Desking users can log in to any phone within the organisation and their DDI and extension follows them to that phone. 

  • Call Recording

YourUCP offers two call recording options, 'On the Fly Recording' which gives users the ability to record a call on an ad-hoc basis and full recording, recording all calls in and out of the organisation. 

YourUCP has many other features, the list would go on and on, so above are the features we are asked for or are used on a regular basis. 

If you’d like to find out if YourUCP can help your business, please call us on 0333 2020 900